Surf Bob (Bob Gnarly)

Doesn’t get any better than a good wave and a mal

Cycling Bob Grey

Because cycling is his happy place

Toro Bravo

A Bob with character and a rough edge

No Bull

Because this Bob has heard it all before

Coffee Lover Bob

Because this Bob doesn’t get going without a coffee

Bob Dog

Because the dog is the only one that listens!

Bright Spark

Car, bike, boat you name it he can get it going

Running Bob

Likes to get out there and just run

Lone Wolf

Likes to do his own thing


Likes his time out in the wild, doesn’t mind roughing it!

Bad to The Bone

This Bob has a bit more attitude than some

Remember When

This Bob remembers good old trips in the car

Golf Bob

There’s always one shot that brings him back

Cheeky Monkey Grey

Like monkey the tv show he’s a character

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